Manuscript Submission

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (RJPS) is the official journal of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka. It is a quarterly publication presenting the research articles and review articles depicting the present status and trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences and related disciplines including Life Sciences. Articles of particular interest, covering the areas of Pharmaceutical research, practice, teaching & learning, laboratory innovations, education technology, curriculum design, examination reforms, training and other related issues can be sent for publication in RJPS. All manuscripts should be submitted as MSword.doc or MSword.docx file as attachment, along with another MSword.doc or MSword.docx file containing Check list, covering letter, 'Authorship Responsibility Undertaking’ and Copyright transfer agreement, signed by all the authors of the paper in the prescribed form (available online as well as printed in RJPS), by email to rguhsjps@gmail.com Manuscripts will be subjected to preliminary editorial screening for over all content and format. Defects found in the manuscript shall be communicated to Corresponding author by email for rectification and resubmission within seven days. Manuscript thus received shall be peer reviewed to determine suitability for publication in the journal. After the review, manuscript will be mailed to the corresponding author for revision along with reviewer's and/or editor's comments. The revised manuscript should be submitted by email within seven days. Submission of a manuscript to RJPS for publication implies that the same work or any part thereof has not been either published or submitted for consideration for publication in any other journal. The authors are required to submit ‘Authorship Responsibility Undertaking’ signed by all the Authors of the paper along with the manuscript in a separate file as detailed above. Authors publishing results from in vivo experiments involving animals or humans must state that due approval for conduct of such experiments were obtained from the relevant authorities/Ethics committee/Institutional Review Board and append scan copy thereof in the covering letter file. Details of the approval letter must be mentioned in the MATERIALS AND METHODS section of the manuscript.

The journal does not collect any charges for processing or final publication of accepted papers.