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Published on:April 2017
RGUHS Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2017; 6(3):xx-xx
Research Article | doi:10.5530/rjps.2016.3.3

Evaluation of Prescribing Pattern of NSAIDs in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

Authors and affiliation (s):

Shiv Kumar1, Pradeep Kumar Thakur2, K. Sowmya Reddy2, Siddabatula Priyanka2

1Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology, N.E.T. Pharmacy College, Mantralayam Road, Raichur- 584103, Karnataka, India.

2Department of Pharmacy Practice, N.E.T. Pharmacy College, Mantralayam Road, Raichur- 584103, Karnataka, India.


Purpose: The present study was aimed to evaluate the pattern of NSAIDs use with secondary objectives of assessment of co-prescription with gastro-protective agents, the nature and severity of adverse drug reactions and drug-drug interactions with an intention to prevent the inappropriate use of NSAIDs. Methodology: A prospective study was carried out in 400 In-patients of various departments of the hospital during the 6 months period. Finding: Out of 400 patients, 237 were male and 163 were females, in which most of the patients (63.5%) were in the age group of 21-50 years. The major complaints of the patients were arthritic pain (25.5%). Most of the patients (77%) were prescribed single NSAID as monotherapy in different dosage forms, although some patients were prescribed with combination of Aceclofenac + Paracetamol (13.75%). The preferential COX-2 inhibitors were widely prescribed (84.5%) as compared to non-selective COX inhibitor (15.5%). Among various NSAIDs prescribed, Diclofenac (45.90%) and Aceclofenac (15.96%) were mostly prescribed. NSAIDs were mostly prescribed by parenteral route (36.31%). Most of the patients were co-prescribed NSAIDs with gastro-protective agents (80.5%). In the study, moderate drug interactions were found between NSAIDs and antibiotics and no adverse drug reactions were reported during the study. Conclusion: The study concluded that, prescription of NSAIDs was found to be rational.

Key words: Cox inhibitors, Drug-drug interactions, NSAIDs, Prescribing pattern, Drug utilization.


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